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LSB Certification System is designed to support the process of certifying Linux applications and distributions against the LSB standard. To get started, you need to log in to manage your company products. If you do not have an account you will be suggested to create one. Then you will need to either register your company or be invited to an already existing company by one of its members.

Help Contents

  1. Certification
  2. Product Directory
  3. Problem Reports


This section contains tools for managing your company and your company's products. There are Status, Company Details, Products and Uploads pages.

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On this page, you can see the list of all your products that are not certified yet. Certification process contains 5 steps; the list of products is divided into groups by current stage.

  1. Signing Trade Mark License Agreement
    Before starting the certification, you need to sign the agreement. To open it, click the Start Certification link near the product you wish to certify, then select the LSB version, architecture and type of registration (New product or Maintenance release).
  2. Wait for Confirmation
    After you signed the Agreement, it should also be accepted by the Linux Foundation. You will be notified via E-mail when your request is processed. At this stage you can upload the test results using DTK or ATK Manager correspondingly. (See the next step for details.) In this case the results will be automatically submitted for audit as soon as the Agreement is confirmed.
  3. Apply for Audit
    At this step you need to upload the test journals obtained by running the Application or Distribution Testkit Manager for your application or distribution, respectively. If you have not yet tested your product, please, download the appropriate testkit and use it for testing.
    You can easily apply for certification and upload the test results via the Testkit Manager. On the test report page find the Apply for Certification link, click it and follow the instructions. The Testkit Manager will redirect you to the certification system, where you carry out all registrations needed, and finally it automatically uploads the package with results to the Certification System. If Testkit Manager is running not on the "localhost", you will be warned about passing your credentials to a remote machine. Please, check carefully that the URL points to your machine with the Testkit Manager, because it will receive a special key which allows accessing the Certification System with your account!
  4. Wait for Audit Results
    The LF authority will check the results you sent and accept or decline the product as ready for certification. Again, you will receive an E-mail with notification about the result.
  5. Pay Fee
    The last stage is to pay the certification fee. Please, to get the instructions and bank requisites.
    Note: you can perform the payment at any stage after the TMLA is signed.
  6. Certification is Finished
    Congratulations! Your product is now certified for LSB and is listed in the Product Directory.

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Company Details

This page contains information about your company and allows you to edit them. Below the table, the list of company members is shown. You can view information about each of them, invite new members or exclude existing members from the company.

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Here your company's products are listed. For each of them, you can see its current status (see the list of certification stages above), view details about the product and its certification progress and perform additional actions specific to the current stage. Also, you can add new products by clicking the Add a product link.

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Here is a list of all the files you have uploaded. Click on a file name for more information about the file.

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Product Directory

This page contains the full list of all certified products (applications and distributions) from all registered companies. You can sort them by the LSB version, product name and release date. In addition, you can quickly view information about the products and companies by clicking the corresponding links.

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Problem Reports

This page is reserved for future and will contain online tools for reporting problems in products and tests. Currently it is not implemented and lf_lsbcert mailing list is used for discussing certification issues and getting help.

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