The LSB project distributes four things: a specification, an SDK, and two test kits, one each for distributions and applications. All of these are provided for all seven architectures we currently support: 32- and 64-bit Intel/AMD, 32- and 64-bit POWER, 31- and 64-bit IBM Z (s390 and s390x), and IA64.


The specification can be downloaded or read online here. All architectures, as well as generic specifications that are not architecture-specific, are available.


The LSB SDK provides the ability to build C and C++ applications to the LSB specification, making them portable across multiple distributions without requiring multiple builds or builds on obsolete distributions.

The LSB SDK is available as a single bundled download. Installation instructions are provided inside the bundle.

32-bit Intel/AMD lsb-sdk-5.0.0-3.ia32.tar.gz
IA-64 lsb-sdk-5.0.0-3.ia64.tar.gz
POWER32 lsb-sdk-5.0.0-3.ppc32.tar.gz
POWER64 lsb-sdk-5.0.0-3.ppc64.tar.gz
31-bit System/z lsb-sdk-5.0.0-3.s390.tar.gz
64-bit System/z lsb-sdk-5.0.0-3.s390x.tar.gz
64-bit Intel/AMD lsb-sdk-5.0.0-3.x86_64.tar.gz

Application Test Kit

The LSB Application Checker contains utilities that can test your application for compatibility with a number of popular distributions, as well as the LSB.

It is available as a bundled download for local execution, as well as a bundle for installation via the system package manager.

Local Install Package Install
32-bit Intel/AMD lsb-app-checker-local-5.0.0-3.ia32.tar.gz lsb-app-checker-5.0.0-3.ia32.tar.gz
IA-64 lsb-app-checker-local-5.0.0-3.ia64.tar.gz lsb-app-checker-5.0.0-3.ia64.tar.gz
POWER32 lsb-app-checker-local-5.0.0-3.ppc32.tar.gz lsb-app-checker-5.0.0-3.ppc32.tar.gz
POWER64 lsb-app-checker-local-5.0.0-3.ppc64.tar.gz lsb-app-checker-5.0.0-3.ppc64.tar.gz
31-bit System/z lsb-app-checker-local-5.0.0-3.s390.tar.gz lsb-app-checker-5.0.0-3.s390.tar.gz
64-bit System/z lsb-app-checker-local-5.0.0-3.s390x.tar.gz lsb-app-checker-5.0.0-3.s390x.tar.gz
64-bit Intel/AMD lsb-app-checker-local-5.0.0-3.x86_64.tar.gz lsb-app-checker-5.0.0-3.x86_64.tar.gz

Distribution Test Kit

The LSB Distribution Test Kit tests a Linux distribution for compatibility with the LSB. It is based on the Distribution Checker, a web app which provides an easy-to-use web UI for testing a system.

It is available as an all-inclusive bundle, containing all the tests, or a minimal bundle which downloads the tests on demand during test execution.

Full Test Suite Manager Only
32-bit Intel/AMD lsb-dist-testkit-5.0.0-2.ia32.tar.gz lsb-dist-testkit-manager-5.0.0-2.ia32.tar.gz
IA-64 lsb-dist-testkit-5.0.0-2.ia64.tar.gz lsb-dist-testkit-manager-5.0.0-2.ia64.tar.gz
POWER32 lsb-dist-testkit-5.0.0-2.ppc32.tar.gz lsb-dist-testkit-manager-5.0.0-2.ppc32.tar.gz
POWER64 lsb-dist-testkit-5.0.0-2.ppc64.tar.gz lsb-dist-testkit-manager-5.0.0-2.ppc64.tar.gz
31-bit System/z lsb-dist-testkit-5.0.0-2.s390.tar.gz lsb-dist-testkit-manager-5.0.0-2.s390.tar.gz
64-bit System/z lsb-dist-testkit-5.0.0-2.s390x.tar.gz lsb-dist-testkit-manager-5.0.0-2.s390x.tar.gz
64-bit Intel/AMD lsb-dist-testkit-5.0.0-3.x86_64.tar.gz lsb-dist-testkit-manager-5.0.0-3.x86_64.tar.gz