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55 Jeff Licquia <licquiaohnoyoudont@linuxfoundation.org
Set lookaside URL for qm source.
497 Jeff Licquia <licquiaohnoyoudont@linuxfoundation.org
Another whitespace fix.
496 Jeff Licquia <licquiaohnoyoudont@linuxfoundation.org
Whitespace tweak and buildno bump.
David Nalley
adding local cache for cairo package
44 Jeff Licquia <licquiaohnoyoudont@linuxfoundation.org
Add lookaside URL for external sources.
25 Jeff Licquia <licquiaohnoyoudont@linuxfoundation.org
Set lookaside URL for packaging build.
Mats Wichmann
adjust dsolibs chain - no-whole-archive (bug 4214)
Mats Wichmann
add some more flags for >= gcc5 to try to get ABI compatibility
Mats Wichmann
minor: couple of lsbcc errors moved to stderr
Mats Wichmann
typo in lsbcc
182 Jeff Licquia <licquiaohnoyoudont@linuxfoundation.org
Set lookaside for gcc-g++ tarball.
111 Jeff Licquia <licquiaohnoyoudont@linuxfoundation.org
Set up lookaside for source tarballs.
109 Jeff Licquia <licquiaohnoyoudont@linuxfoundation.org
Apply David's fix to all lookasides.
David Nalley
small tweak to make the cache work.
107 Jeff Licquia <licquiaohnoyoudont@linuxfoundation.org
Set up lookaside locations for source tarballs.
Mats Wichmann
fix gnupg build problems on newer gcc by uplifting - no patches needed now
Mats Wichmann
appbat pidgin: do not install schemas

the schema install is for the local host anyway (calls gconftool-2),
so makes no sense for packaging. It started returning an error,
apparently something that did not happen before.
Mats Wichmann
improve the distclean target
Mats Wichmann
Forgot to commit bzip2 1.0.6 patch
Mats Wichmann
update libbat a bit - gdbm, bzip2 uplifted
Mats Wichmann